Fit postnatal

If you were exercising before and during pregnancy, you probably cannot wait to put your training shoes on and start your exercise. However you need to make sure your body is ready and fully recovered after pregnancy and delivery of your baby. There are so many things which you should know, do or avoid whilst starting your healing process and going back to your training. To prevent injury and slow recovery you’ll need to start gradually and ease back into your workout regimen.

Many women experience aches and pains because of anti/postnatal postural changes resulting in weak core and lower back muscles. Most of the post-delivery problems:

-       Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation),

-        Prolapse,

-        Urinary incontinence,

-        Scar tissue after C-section and episiotomy scars,

-        Mummy tummy,

-        Lower back, pelvic and neck pain.

Separated and tight muscles are weak and cannot do their job of supporting the spine and abdominal organs efficiently. Straining with heavy lifting and inappropriate exercises (sit ups, push-ups, and front planks), not paying attention how you lift or breastfeed your baby, can make this issue even worse. Care needs to be taken with the right movements, exercises and changes in lifestyle to correct it. Do you still see pooched tummy when you look in a mirror? It is most likely caused by abdominal separation, which can be addressed with the right core restoring program followed by functional training.

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