Fit Pregnancy

pink-pregnant-standingExercise during pregnancy offers tons of health benefits to you and your baby. Despite of it, many of you are anxious about the weight gain and the impact that pregnancy will have on your body, fitness and overall wellbeing. However you should know that regular exercise during pregnancy is a wonderful way to look after yourself and your baby.
Pregnancy is a very special period in every woman’s life but at the same time very challenging for her body. As your pregnancy progresses your posture will start to change causing some pain and discomfort. Weakening of your pelvic floor and the core muscles may cause urinary incontinence and lower back pain. Your breathing may become compromised because of changes in your rib cage.
At  getfitmama all these problems can be addressed to make you fitter and happier mom-to-be. Take advantage of the functional training combined with effective core and posture improving exercises which will:

-        Strengthen your back and core muscles including the pelvic floor,

-        Prepare your body for all postural changes,

-        Help prevent or at least limit musculoskeletal problems,

-        Control weight gain to avoid any pregnancy complications

-        Prepare for the labour to make it as a positive experience.

You can and you should exercise during pregnancy. Let me show you how to safely stay fit while looking after your and your baby’s health.

Testimonial for Anna Godek by Simona.


Tanya Aldcroft

,,I started Anna’s programme when I was about 14 weeks pregnant and absolutely loved it. Being a keen runner and frequent gym visitor I was keen to keep fit and get my body ready for birth. Her programme targeted all the core areas to help me birth my baby, including work on my pelvic floor, and it also gave me variety to keep my workouts interesting and fun. In our sessions she pushed me just the right amount and educated me on what my body might experience as I got bigger, arming me with helpful knowledge during pregnancy.

Anna went on maternity leave herself so I continued with the programmes she had given me and I adjusted them slightly as I got bigger, listening to my body if I was tired etc and doing what I could. I ended up giving birth 11 days early, but had my last session at the gym just 9 days before my waters broke. Giving birth is the equivalent of running a marathon and I believe Anna’s programme gave me the training I needed and contributed (along with Hypnobirthing) to the birth I wanted. My baby is now 8 weeks old and I plan to pick up the programme again soon to get my body back to its old self!”


Nina  Flintham

,,I’ve always been very into sport and fitness but when I fell pregnant with twins I was unclear and nervous about what I should be doing to help support the pregnancy and keep me in the best possible condition.

I have known Anna for a number of years through the gym I belonged to and always admired her vast knowledge and the way she worked so uniquely with all of her clients so she seemed the obvious choice to turn to.

Anna created several unique and interesting programmes which I could easily follow at home, in the gym and also 1-2-1 sessions with her.

I can honestly say that had I not worked with Anna throughout my pregnancy I don’t think I would have had such an easy time of time of it. She supported me throughout and had the knowledge to amend the plans if I struggled with certain exercises with my changing shape carrying twin girls.

Post c section all the hospital staff and midwives were shocked at how quickly I recovered and the level of movement I had at such an early stage. I know 100% this was all down to Anna.

If you’re thinking about having a baby, already pregnant or looking to get your post pregnancy body back you won’t find a better person than Anna to work with. She is a rare gem!”




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