During pregnancy your body is going through amazing changes. All of these processes are supported by the nutrients you consume. None of the growth and development can take place without energy and nutrients provided by the food you eat. Protein supports growth, healthy fats facilitate brain development, and carbohydrates provide both of you with the energy to make it all happen.
There may be no other time in your life when nutrition is as important as it is during and after pregnancy.

Going through labour and delivery is an amazing physical, mental and emotional experience. Your body and mind will need time to bounce back. After giving birth, your baby becomes the centre of your universe, but you shouldn’t forget to nourish yourself during this time. Your body is going through some pretty intense changes and repair so you need to look after yourself, take time to rest and follow a healthy diet to fully recover.

During perimenopause and menopause periods eating nourishing food is also very important. It will help to ease the symptoms caused by hormonal changes and manage your weight as well as lose extra pounds if it is something you struggle with.

So to make sure that you succeed in achieving your goals getfitmama can provide you with a tailored nutrition plan including:

-        Dietary guidelines

-        Recipes for delicious meals

-        7 step guide to leading healthy and happy life

There is no better way to look after yourself then eating a balanced diet.


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