GetFitMama specializes in Fitness and Nutrition for women throughout their pregnancy, postpartum and menopause transition. Our programmes are designed to ensure safe, effective and fun exercises as well as to provide nutritional advice to help women reach their goals.  They are extremely personalised and carefully adapted to the specific needs of all pregnant, postnatal women and women over 40.

GetFitMama offers:

-        Small group and personal training sessions,

-        Massage therapy,

-        Yoga classes,

-        Nutritional and weight management coaching.

We offer our services in East and North London.

Regular exercise combined with a balanced diet is the greatest benefit at any stage of your life. It keeps you physically and mentally healthy, controls your weight, makes your skin glow and energizes you. Whether you want to safely exercise during pregnancy, get back into shape postpartum, restore your core muscles after birth or need support with the exercise and nutrition programme during menopause, we are here to help you.


Julie: “Personal training sessions with Anna are fantastic.  I have achieved results I never thought were possible – my body shape has completely changed and my strength and fitness is the best it’s ever been.  Anna puts 100% into each sesssion with you and always makes it enjoyable and different every time and keeps your motivation high.  Personal training has made all the difference – it’s the key to achieving the fitness and results you just wouldn’t see otherwise – and you will feel great!”

Ligia Cannon: “I have always been fit. I used to go to the gym at least 4-5 times a week and work very hard. I guess I never really know what I was doing. I kept asking for advise from various fitness instructors but none, looking back, was as dedicated and caring as Anna.
My problem has always been my skinny top and rather chunky thighs and behind. I felt constantly out of proportion. My knees I hated the most, so I never wore short or a miniskirt. I tried everything running, weights, aerobic,yoga ….nothing worked.
Nothing as effective as traing with Anna. I had been watching her aound the club always serious but kind, always busy but how dedicated. I felt as she really cared about me, that motivated me. Once I started training with her my whole body changed within a few months. Everything was toned and lean.
The combination of dynamic targeted exercises worked wonders for me. She always prepares for the session and does nothing by chance. Now I have joined for the second set of sessions. All those years of time wasted and now I feel this is money well spend on me.”